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Sustainable. High quality. Timeless and elegant.

Sustainable. High quality. Timeless and elegant. Our values ​​are reflected throughout our brand, in our products and in the selection of brands. Our values shape and strengthen us as a brand and as a family business. They offer us new opportunities without losing our essence - to inspire people with timeless, quality pieces and brands with sustainable and fair production.

We are a family business with a long tradition. We work exclusively with sustainable fashion brands, who take care of their environmental footprint.

We constantly strive to become even more environmentally friendly. By raising awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and fair production, we improve our impact on the environment and encourage the community to make positive changes as well.

Team Extraordinary.

Extraordinary. is a family brand in the true sense of the word, where three generations intertwined - the founder Iris, her mother Sonja and her children. Intergenerational connections, shared joy, support and trust strengthen the Extraordinary. community and encourage the creation of successful stories.

Iris | XO Founder

When did the idea of ​​a store that brings together sustainably oriented products under one roof come to life?

The idea had been awakening in the corners of my brain since 2015 - but because good things mature a little longer, we opened a store that brings together different sustainable brands under one roof a good two years later.

The traveler, who draws inspiration from European capitals, has determined the home of the XO store in Ljubljana. What responses are you getting?

Ljubljana is a great home. The location of our store (Novi trg 6) is in an extremely good place, as many tourists can find us (in addition to domestic customers). Slovenia is increasingly waking up in the field of sustainability; more and more young people are moving away from the "fast fashion" offer and prefer to reach for eternal pieces. We care about the origin of the products, the payment of the workers. I am delighted to be one of the first stores to bring together sustainable brands under one roof that are recognizable around the world.

What has (most) changed in the time from opening to today?

To this day, our shelves are home to a pretty good range of brands, we are becoming more and more recognizable and we are trying to keep up with the guidelines - our customers get "must have" pieces from Ecoalf, Veja and jeans Closed. I see the changes mainly in the awareness itself - more and more brands use nature-friendly raw materials (eg organic cotton) and at least some of the collections are trying to get closer to sustainability.

How do you choose the brands that are on the shelves? 

The first brand to come into our store was the Closed brand. Sometimes I joke that brands find us - when I come up with a good concept, I study the brand philosophy and make sure it matches our vision. As far as I see synergy, I place the brand in our offer. Our brands are carefully selected and linked to the red thread of the XO concept.

Favorite piece in your closet?

Closed jeans and Veja shoes.


Sonja | XO Manager

How is working in a boutique store different from working in large malls?

In boutique stores, the way we work is quite different - we can establish direct, genuine contact with all customers. We have enough time to take them through our story and such an environment offers a pleasant atmosphere. The team works with curious customers and great products, which is a winning combination.

How do we find the right brand for us?

When a customer enters the store, he often hints to us which piece he is looking for. If these are pants, we encourage her to try several different models - so she can recognize the difference, feel the materials and really find a piece that will stay in the closet for a long time. Because our work is based on a personalized approach, we advise and research together. If the client wants, I also look for combinations. That way we avoid "bad purchases."

What is the recipe for sustainable shopping?

We check good, quality materials that will last for several seasons. Cuts that can be combined for many years are important - regardless of the trends that are instantaneous. We buy key pieces, but later we can only add various accessories to create a new look. With us you can also find accessories that are sustainable - leather Viva's handbags, belts,

Favorite piece in your closet?

Dress from the Closed brand.


Ana | XO Assistant

In addition to local visitors, tourists often stop at the store. Which shelf attracts them the most?

It’s hard to say, tourists usually like the same things as domestic visitors. Everyone loves to stop, take a walk and see all that our store has to offer. In addition to brands that are known outside our borders, tourists like to reach for small accessories that they take with them as souvenirs.

What are the benefits of working at XO?

Since it is a boutique store, we always make contact with people who visit us. There is extremely positive energy in the store. I like creative work, researching brands (the ones we already offer and the ones we add to the shelves).

How do we find the right brand for us?

Some choose according to body structure, some choose according to brands. Sustainable brands carry with them wonderful stories that we are happy to present; the French brand Veja highlights the functioning of fair trade and provides insight into fair payments to employees; Ecoalf brand uses recycled materials - cotton, rubber, nylon, wool, ... Such stories can encourage us to buy, as they equip us with the knowledge of who we support. 

How would you describe XO customers ?

Our clients are aspiring, aware, curious. As the store also has a pleasant place to relax, you can only stop by to chat with us.

Favorite piece in your closet?

Classic jeans and a good leather jacket.


Lifestyle, culture and community.

Extraordinary. is so much more than a brand and a store, it is a lifestyle, a change, a culture. As a family business, our personal and genuine relationship with customers, employees and suppliers comes first. This is how we cooperate, support each other and grow together. At the same time, we spread the feeling of homeliness, belonging and importance, and we invite you to discover different, quality and timeless products.
At Extraordinary. we are inspiring, caring, accessible, sustainable, open, friendly and always focused on you, dear customers. We show our passion and dedication with a long tradition, with carefully selected, sustainable products and the work we do.


All our brands are carefully selected and allign with our vison

In the heart of Ljubljana...

Our passion is beautiful things, nature and animals. We offer a comprehensive experience in our stores, in addition to shopping for various brands, you will feel relaxed and homely with us. Satisfied customers who leave our stores with a smile and like to come back again and again mean the most to us. Visit us at our Extraordinary store in the heart of Ljubljana

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