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Eliminate fast fashion clothes from your closet and reach for sustainable pieces. New collections from our sustainable brands have already arrived to our shop: CLOSED | VEJA | ECOALF | AMERICAN VINTAGE.


Organic Basics -50%

Extremely comfortable underwear and T-shirts Organic Basics now 50% off. Made of organic cotton and Tencel.


Our mission is to raise awareness around sustainable fashion pieces that suit you and the environment. Extraordinary. is a place of discovery and exploration, with a unique shopping experience - we offer carefully selected products in a pleasant atmosphere that will convince you to visit again.

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A family business with a long tradition and mission to source only the best sustainable fashion pieces. We strive to be sustainable, and make sure the brands we choose share our passion.

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At Extraordinary you can find various sustainable brands, books, magazines, cosmetics and accessories ( CLOSED, Veja, American Vintage, Ecoalf, Rains, Extraordinary, Sisi, Viva's...)

Closed Jeans Copper Tappered
Veja V-12 Leather White
Sisi Skodelica Ajlovju

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We're a sustainable driven concept shop with a range of carefully selected brands that align with our vision. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and fair production. With this lifestyle, we want to encourage our community to make positive changes.

As a sustainably driven concept shop we offer only fair trade and environment neutral fashion brands in our offer. By raising awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and slow fashion we aim to improve our impact on the environment and encourage our community to make positive changes.

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Extraordinary. a lifestyle, vision and culture

We're more than just a brand and concept store, Extraordinary. is a lifestyle, vision and community. As a family business with a sustainably designed concept we want to give you a sense of comfort, belonging and importance we invite you to explore, discover our range of extraordinary, high-quality and timeless pieces.

At Extraordinary. we aim to inspire, care and constantly improve.